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Reports and Studies

Date/TimeDate Added
New OCCC Request for Interest1/29/2023
OCCC PRU Annual Status Report 2022-final1/5/2022
Response to Reform Working Group Report11/23/2022
OCCC & CTC Operating & Space Program Final Report FINAL August 20229/13/2022
AQS Site Utility Study7/26/2022
OCCC PRU Annual Status Report 2021-final12/29/2021
Final Geotechnical Report for the New AQS, Halawa, Hawaii12/13/2021
OCCC Phase 2 - future AQS site Soil Screening report 11.16.2111/16/2021
Hazardous Material Survey Report 10.6.2110/20/2021
OCCC RFI Process August 20218/9/2021
OCCC Population Forecast Final Report August 20218/9/2021
Soil Screening Survey Report2/22/2021
Final Hazmat Report2/22/2021
Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Exploration2/22/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 1: Master Plan Report1/26/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 2: Appendices A-H1/26/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 3: Appendices I-K1/26/2021
AQS Project Development Report1/26/2021
Annual OCCC Status Report - 202012/23/2020
Approved PRU permit for new OCCC in Halawa6/1/2020
Final Environmental Impact Statement7/10/2018
Volume 1 (Appendix A – Appendix F)7/10/2018
Volume 2 (Appendix G – Appendix L)7/10/2018
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T) Part 17/10/2018
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T) Part 27/10/2018
Volume 4 (Appendix U – Appendix Z)7/10/2018
Volume 5 (Appendix A-1) Part 1 7/10/2018
Volume 6 (Appendix A-1) Part 27/10/2018
Draft Environmental Impact Statement11/8/2017
Volume 1 (Appendix A – Appendix F)11/8/2017
Volume 2 (Appendix G – Appendix L)11/8/2017
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T)11/8/2017
Volume 4 (Appendix U – Appendix Z)11/8/2017
OCCC Siting Study Update Report 6.21.176/21/2017
Outreach History5/2/2017
OCCC Town Hall Meeting Presentation (April 24, 2017)4/27/2017
Site Offer Form2/7/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature Appendices2/1/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature2/1/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature Cover Letter2/1/2017
OCCC Financing Workshop – Explanation of Alternative Financing Methods1/4/2017
OCCC Public Scoping Summary12/21/2016
Tech Memo 2 – OCCC Siting Criteria11/18/2016
OCCC Public Scoping Meeting Documents and Comments10/20/2016
EISPN Replacement of Oahu Community Correctional Center9/23/2016
Tech Memo 1 – OCCC Search Area 8/24/2016
Site Offer Form 8/15/2016