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Hawaii Correctional Industries

Hawaii Correctional Industries

The successful reentry of Hawaii’s incarcerated is at the heart of why Hawaii Correctional Industries (HCI) exists. We believe in the power of the individual, given the right opportunities, to choose to live a productive life. HCI assures that if it’s participants sincerely decide to change their lives, that our vocational rehabilitative opportunities will give them tools for them to lead productive and contributory lives.

Hawaii Correctional Industries’ “#1 Product” our #1 Goal:
“A rehabilitated individual who is a productive contributing member of society!”

Products and Services provided by HCI (see Procurement Circular 2006-4 (updated March 19 2024))
1. Office modular furniture and related components;
2. File cabinets, steel, vertical and lateral;
3. Desk based systems;
4. Chairs, office, conference and ergonomic;
5. Bedding and mattresses;
6. Garments, textiles and sewing;
7. Labor services (i.e. building maintenance, demolition, grounds keeping, landscaping, floor waxing, etc.)
8. Cloth face masks;
9. Disinfecting and sanitation fogging services;
10. Disinfecting and sanitation (Halosil machines and solution)
11.Surface and Air Purification Products

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Thank you for supporting Hawaii Correctional Industries


  • James Wataru – Chair
  • Jennifer Dotson – At Large
  • Lee Shinsato – Private
  • Aaron Kibota – At Large
  • Jon Matsuo – Private
  • Howard Wiig – At Large
  • Marlene Kufrovich – At Large