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No 5 COVID Information Provided to Staff and Inmates

2020-02-04 Corona Virus
2020-02-14 UPDATE Coronavirus AKA COVID-19
2020-02-28 CDC_DOH Poster – Prevent the spread of germs
2020-03-03 FW_ [EXTERNAL] Public Health Providers and Coronavirus Disease
2020-03-05 COVID-19
2020-03-06 COCA Webinar
2020-03-09 COVID-19 Health Care Division Briefing
2020-03-09 Fwd_ IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update
2020-03-09 RE_ COVID19 precautions and procedures in our correctional facilities (2)
2020-03-10 Droplet Precautions Sign
2020-03-12 Visitor_Vendor_Volunteer Screening Tool & Instructions
2020-03-16 Email from HRO Harrington to Facilities re COVID Videos
2020-03-19 FW_ ACA Webinar – Coronavirus COVID 19_ Corrections Update
2020-03-19 Screening
2020-03-23 COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan2020-03-27 Fwd_ [EXTERNAL] JCH Webinar_ Corrections and COVID-19
2020-03-29 Fwd_ [EXTERNAL] Practical Correctional Considerations in Response to COVID-19
2020-04-03 Questions; Medical Advisories
2020-04-16 COVID-19 & MH
2020-04-17 Suspension of Co-Pay for Respiratory Symptoms
2020-04-30 2 Sarah Park Webcast Presentation
2020-06-08 New Admissions Quarantine Process
2020-06-24 Email from ADMR Takenaka re CE Seminar [Hep-B Vaccination]
2020-07-08 FW_ [EXTERNAL] New Free CE Webinar on Schizophrenia on July 21
2020-08-14 EMS
2020-08-17 CDC MMWR
2020-08-20 Battelle
2020-09-14 Webinar_ Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 in Corrections
2020-09-18 COVID 19 informational brief
2020-09-24 The Psychology of COVID-19
2020-10-05 CDC Update on Spread
2020-11-18 Psychological First Aid
2020-11-20 [EXTERNAL] Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 Training (2 of 3)
2020-12-03 CorrectCare
2020-12-09 FW_ [EXTERNAL] Fwd_ COVID Vaccine informational meeting Thursday 6pm
2021-01-07 FW_ [EXTERNAL] 21P8009_ Promoting Wellness and Resiliency in Correctional Staff
2021-01-08 E Moderna Training PPT
2021-01-08 Moderna Presentation
Corona Virus Anxiety Workbook