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Saguaro Correctional Center

For facility information including: visitation, telephone, mail, and money procedures and privileges click here.

  1. Obtain money orders and/ or cashier’s checks made payable to the person to whom you
    are sending the funds. Please remember that personal checks and cash are not accepted.
  2. Mail money orders and/ or cashier’s checks in an envelope addressed and return
    addressed exactly like the sample below. If any of the information on the envelope or
    money order is missing, funds may be delayed being deposited.
  3. DO NOT include any correspondence such as letters, cards, pictures, and/or packages
    with a money order and/or cashier’s check. Nothing sent to this address will be forwarded
    to me or returned to you. All other correspondence should continue to be sent to me at
    the facility address

Inmate Last name, First name, Commissary Number
Facility: SUARO
PO Box 16545
Atlanta, GA 30321-0545

Corrections Corporation of America Contract

Audit Reports