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The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR) provides those in our care with opportunities to transform their lives, emphasizing self-improvement, personal responsibility, and community healing. 

Jail inmates who typically remain in our custody for less than a year are given opportunities to participate in a variety of programs to prepare for reentry into the community. These programs are not provided to pre-trial detainees or short-term jail inmates.

Prison inmates who are typically incarcerated for a year or more are given access to support systems, regardless of their offense. A variety of programs and resources, including substance abuse treatment, education, career technical training, and furlough opportunities are available to eligible inmates to help prepare them for life after release.

These programs range from short courses to multi-year certifications and are aimed to increase their chances for successful reintegration. The goal is to reduce recidivism by breaking the cycle of reincarceration and becoming productive, responsible citizens.

Our programs are offered at the following facilities:

HCCC:           Hawai‘i Community Correctional Center
KCCC:           Kaua‘i Community Correctional Center
MCCC:           Maui Community Correctional Center
OCCC:           O‘ahu Community Correctional Center

HCF:               Halawa Correctional Facility
KCF:               Kulani Correctional Facility
WCF:              Waiawa Correctional Facility
WCCC:          Women’s Community Correctional Center

Eloy, Arizona
Saguaro:       Saguaro Correctional Center