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Sex Offender Management Team

Hawai’i’s Sex Offender Management Team (SOMT) was formerly constituted in 1992 under Chapter 353E, Hawai’i Revised Statutes.  This multi-disciplinary team was established in order to assess, monitor, and provide appropriate levels of intervention to youth and adults in the Criminal Justice/Mental Health system.  The responsibilities of member agencies are outlined within a Cooperative Agreement between the following agencies:

Department of Public Safety,
Department of Health,
The Judiciary,
Hawaii Paroling Authority,
Department of Human Services, and
Office of Youth Services


To develop and implement, through a collaborative effort and legislative support, best practice standards statewide for the evaluation, treatment, disposition, ongoing assessment and supervision of adult sex offenders and youth with sexualized misbehavior.


To develop and implement a statewide, standards-based, integrated system of treatment services and programs for youth and adults.

To identify and assess youth and adults who would benefit from treatment interventions.

To select and provide training to state and private service providers in the delivery of assessment, treatment and supervision strategies.

To develop and implement standards for effective assessment, treatment and supervision of youth and adults.

To monitor and evaluate the development, implementation, and delivery of standards-based youth and adult treatment services and programs to assure efficient and effective practices.