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Sheriff Division

Sheriff Badge









1177 Alakea Street., Room #418
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
Telephone:  587-2652

Airport Unit – 24 hour dispatch (808) 836 – 6606
Capitol – 24 hour dispatch (808) 586 – 1352
Records (808) 587-2653

Circuit Court (808) 539 – 4599
District Court (808) 538-5696

Hawaii Section (808) 933 – 8833
Kauai Section (808) 482 – 2470
Maui Section (808) 244 – 2900

The Sheriff Division carries out law enforcement services statewide. Its mission is to preserve the peace by protecting all persons and property within premises under the control of the Judiciary and all State facilities; providing process services and execution of court documents; handling detained persons; and providing secure transportation for persons in custody. It also provides law enforcement services at the Honolulu International Airport.

Sheriffs are involved at various stages of the criminal justice system. At the initial stage, they arrest, book and process persons entering the system. At the police cellblock, they secure, escort and transport detainees. They escort, secure and transport juvenile and adult inmates to inter-island and intra-state destinations for court appearances.

They serve various types of arrest warrants and other documents, and execute writs of possession. Deputy sheriffs conduct criminal and civil investigations on cases that occur within the jurisdiction of State entities. They also conduct records verification and background checks.

The Division is the lead agency of the State Law Enforcement Coalition, which was formed to meet the mandates of the federal Homeland Security Act. The coalition implements federal guidelines on issues related to weapons of mass destruction.

With the heightened call for the security of waterways and harbors, the Division has been assisting the Department of Transportation Harbors Division with security and law enforcement functions. Additionally, through its specialized canine unit, the Division is responsible for detecting narcotics and explosives in agencies within the Judiciary, the department’s correctional facilities, and other state and county agencies that request those services.

Sheriffs also provide security services to the Maui Memorial Hospital, Hawaii State Hospital, Waimano Training School and Hospital, and Fort Ruger at the Department of Defense. They provide executive protection services to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and, when requested, national and international dignitaries.

Although the functions and duties of deputy sheriffs vary in scope and nature, all Sheriff Division staff work in conjunction with other federal, state, and county law enforcement agencies to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all citizens in the State of Hawaii.