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About Corrections

Offender Reentry:

Inmate Classification Office
The Inmate Classification Office (ICO) is responsible for the monitoring of statewide custody designations and facility placement of inmates in accordance to Policies and Procedures. The ICO is also responsible for providing an organized and efficient method of implementing the department’s classification system to ensure uniformity in its application and integration into the operations of statewide correctional facilities. The ICO uses four classification instruments to determine and change inmate custody levels, to determine the degree of supervision required, facility placement, and types of programs in which an inmate is encouraged to participate.

Program Coordination Office

Correction Industries Division The Correctional Industries (CI) Division is a dynamic and innovative program, which has the potential to make a greater positive impact on the department and the community. CI is a vocational rehabilitation program in Hawaii’s correctional facilities that provides real world work experience to inmates, teaching them transferable job skills and a positive work ethic to help them prepare for post release, reentry, and employment in the community. CI’s ultimate goal is to return an economically self-sufficient individual to the community who will be able to immediately join the work force and become a productive, law-abiding member of society.

Corrections Program Services
The Corrections Program Services (CPS) is responsible for implementing and monitoring a variety of programs, aimed at providing inmates with education, nutrition, religion, substance abuse counseling, and sex offender treatment.

Health Care Division
The Health Care Division (HCD) develops and maintains health care programs involving both in-house and community resources (public health, private and contract specialty care providers and volunteers) for all correctional facilities, and oversees the operation of such programs to ensure adherence to community standards, while maintaining fiscal responsibility, focusing on the uniformity of health care quality, and integration/coordination among health care providers. The HCD, in coordination with security and other corrections staff, delivers comprhensive medical, mental, and dental health services through the division’s staff of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, dental, and other direct patient care providers at all department correctional facilities. Health care services are provided by the health care clinics located in every correctional facility statewide. Medically necessary care is rendered in a manner consistent with the community standards of care, the United States Constitution, Hawaii Revised Statues, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and departmental policies and procedures. All health care clinics operations adhere to the NCCHC accreditation standards. The HCD provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week health care services, which include skilled nursing level of care infirmary services at the Halawa Correctional Facility and at the Oahu and Women’s Community Correctional Centers. Each of the other five correctional facilities provides health care services at a minimum of eight and up to 16 hours per day, seven days per week.

Institutions Division
The Institutions Division consists of jails, prisons, and the Mainland Branch.

The department oversees the following four jails: Hawaii Community Correctional Center, Kauai Community Correctional Center, Maui Community Correctional Center, and the Oahu Community Correctional Center. Hawaii jails provide for the secure incarceration of our pretrial and very short-term sentence misdemeanant population. Jails are locally situated on each major island. The jails also provide for the transitional sentence felon population, those who have almost completed their felony sentences, and are returning to the community. Our jail population consists of both male and female inmates.

The department oversees the following three prisons: Halawa Correctional Facility, Waiawa Correctional Facility, and the Women’s Community Correctional Center. All three prisons are located on the island of Oahu.

Intake Services Center Division
The Intake Service Centers Division (ISCD) is responsible for community supervision of offenders in each of the four counties. The ISCD provides pretrial evaluations, assessments, and supervision to various types of offenders. In addition, the ISCD oversees prison and jail diversion programs throughout the state and works closely with the Courts and the Adult Mental Health Division of the Department of Health in an effort to divert offenders with mental health needs to appropriate community-based programs. The ISC branch offices have been involved with and have participated in community efforts to address reentry issues.

Offender Management Office
The Offender Management Office (OMO) oversees the departmental policy and practices on sentence computation, and continually trains department staff in this area. The OMO also coordinates with all courts and other law enforcement agencies, both state and federal, to ensure that all appropriate documentation is obtained to compute all inmate sentences accurately and in a timely manner.

PSD Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan

Locate an Offender
Hawaii SAVIN offers victims and concerned citizens free, anonymous, and confidential access to timely information and notification 24-hours a day, 365 days a year on the custody and parole status of offenders under the jurisdiction of the State Of Hawaii’s Department of Public Safety.