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Monetary Donation Update 2022

Effective October 18, 2022, sending monetary donations to your loved one’s trust account makes it easier for them to stay connected and funds can be used to make a variety of purchases at their facility’s commissary (commissary limits vary by facility location).

Trust fund electronic deposits are limited to approved visitors only and electronic deposit amounts are limited $300/per inmate, per month.  Fees may apply.

Per PSD Policy COR.02.04 “Restitution Collection”, deposits may be subject to court-ordered restitution and CVCC fines.

GTL/ViaPath ConnectNetwork:

Friends and family are given the option to set up a ConnectNetwork account to deposit funds into the inmate trust fund account using credit or debit cards. After creating an account and selecting a facility an inmate to add to your account (you must be an approved visitor), you can deposit money into his/her trust fund account at any time.

Deposits and payments made through ConnectNetwork are transmitted to the facility within 1-2 business days. Availability of funds is subject to PSD policies.

Friends and family can set up a ConnectNetwork account by calling 1-877-650-4249 or by via online, click here.